Install owncloud on OpenWrt router in 3 steps

There are an abundance of articles about Owncloud on the web so i will skip telling you about what Owncloud is for. But many of Owncloud howto articles focus on installing Owncloud on VPS or shared virtual host, which you don't have total control over. It's still possible that your service providers can access your data without you knowing it. So If you are really serious about protecting your data, you should host it on your home server.

While full-featured old PC is not a bad choice, it consumes too much energy for a simple home server mainly used for serving file or syncing up data across your devices.Here it is the perfect device for that job -- router that is compatible with the opensource OpenWrt. Compared to PC, router consumes negligible energy(approximately 4 Watt), and some high-end router like TPLINK 4300 are powerful enough to fit the bill. And you can keep it powered up all day long without worrying about your electric bills. It's also good for the environment, right?

installing owncloud on openwrt router is a breeze with a little shell script written by me . You just need to download the script and run it in your router, and everything will be taken care of automatically, including downloading, installing and configuring web server software. i tested this script successfully on my TPLINK 703N and Mercury MW4530(same hardware as TPLINK WDR4300), and it should work perfectly as well on any router with a USB port

Ok, let's roll up our sleeves and get something done!

Plug in your USB storage into the router

You need to format your USB disk or flash to ext3/'s preferable to format it into a single partition

Download the Owncloud auto-install script

Use Putty or any other alternative to ssh into your router and run the following command

Run the script to install owncloud on openwrt

sh it should take a minute or so to finish.

Create your Owncloud admin account

Open any browser and type in to access the Owncloud page. Just fill in  your admin account and password and click Finish.
install-oc-3.png test-charset.png
That's all! leave comment below if you have any questions